Friday, May 20, 2011

More changes in our website –

As I already said on my previous post that more changes are coming on our website, so following are the changes and updates which we finally done.

So folks that’s all about the changes which we done recently on our website If you have any doubts or questions regarding any of the topics please do contact me via email. My email id is -

Wishing you all the best and happy earning online.


Friday, April 15, 2011

An update about the changes in our website –

Hi! Folks

Nowadays we are making some important changes in our website –
So I thought to inform you all through this blog post.

Below are the changes that are already done:

1. The fourth and eight way are swapped. Now the Fourth way to earn money online is Forum Discussion and the Eight way to earn money online is Traffic Exchange.

2. The Fifth and ninth way are also swapped. Now the Fifth way to earn money online is Paid to Review and the Ninth way to earn money online is Aurora-Bux Program.

** the above two changes are done because through researches and feedbacks we came to the result that traffic exchange and aurora websites are no more the potential ways to earn money. We doesn’t removed them because they are still a way to earn money. Remember, we are always committed to inform our website’s visitors the true information as fast as possible.

3. The vinefire trick is removed from the tenth way of making money online i.e. from link sharing program. That trick is not working anymore because the website is offline from months. We will add it again once the website becomes available again.

4. The quick navigation links similar to the home page of our website is now available at the “About Ways” page. This is done for better user interface.

So these are changes which are already done on our website. Also there are few upcoming changes which are to be done. We will again inform you on time. Hope you will enjoy the changes in our website. All the suggestions regarding our website are heartily welcomed. You can contact us though our email id –

Thanks for reading.

All the best and have a happy earning online.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

A separate page for PayPal and AlertPay FAQ and Registration steps added on the website.

As promised, now there is a separate page on my website with more detailed explanation of payment processors like AlertPay and PayPal and also the registration steps are explained to open an account for free with them. Thanks to REX (support provider) who told me that many people emailed him about the problems in opening an account with PayPal and AlertPay, and he too give me the suggestion to create a separate page on the website to explain this. Once again a wonder thanks to him.

Here is the screenshot of that page>>

And here is the link to it>>

On the homepage of my website (, when you navigate to the payment processor section (the only requirement in making money online) you can find the link to that page at the bottom title as “Frequently Asked Question and Registration Steps”.
So best of luck to all in earning money online and have a great day.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

some cheaters copied my website content.

as always, people tends to copy my website contents and my duty is to prevent them.
this month three cheaters copied my website content. one of them deleted his websites. the other one changed his website. but the third one is the greatest mother fucker who debate me for my own content.
see his photograph below

feel free to visit his profile>>

his name is BENJAMIN OLUWASEGUN OLAWALE and his location is ilorin : kwara state : Nigeria.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

new themes and graphics on

hi! folks. i am working hard day and night to improve my website in both graphics and contents. if you are an old viewer of my website you may find many new changes which improves the readability of my website. some of them are:
1). better back ground and increased font size.
2). use of line breaks and paragraphs.
3). use of proper margins and padding for each module.
4). new links to frequently asked question.
5). new hover effects for both FAQs and registration links.
6). also a newly design box module section for "must-read" descriptive contents.

whats next coming soon.....

1). Paypal and Alertpay Read more and FAQs section,
2). FAQs for the 11th way of making money online,
3). new tricks for foum discussion ways of making money online,
4). separate sections for search engine optimization and webpage monetization.

so check'em out here >>

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Official Blog of the site>

today i create this official blog for my website> here i will keep you updated with the recent news and changes about my website. so follow me or grab the rss/atom feed of this blog.
the "AXE"